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DAOM, MPH, MS, Lac.A, Dipl Ac.

A South Louisiana native and medical military veteran, Dr. Donald Snow was among the first in the nation to earn a doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. He is the only medical practitioner in Louisiana to hold this degree. He is also a licensed acupuncturist.


After 21 years of medical military service, he was convinced that pain management wasn’t good enough for his patients. He was determined to eliminate pain altogether.


He studied acupuncture and other traditional methods while researching medical technologies such as electromagnetic therapy. By combining ancient practices and modern techniques, Dr. Snow has created a new approach to healing.


A lifelong learner, Dr. Snow conducts in-depth, personalized research to recommend the ideal course of treatment and continues to incorporate new technologies to better serve his patients.


Learn more about Dr. Snow’s education and experience.

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