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"I initially started seeing Dr. Snow in 2009. Since seeing him over the years, I have been able to avoid three surgeries as well as a lifetime of numerous medications that other doctors wanted to put me on." 


“I’ve had pain in my legs and my back, and the treatments have been tremendous for healing the pain. I’m basically pain-free because of Dr. Snow. If you’ve got pain, see Dr. Snow. He’ll help you.”


"I was in a car accident that injured my neck and even though I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers, I was still in pain. Dr. Snow combined three different types of treatment that have completely alleviated my pain.”


“I have multiple sclerosis and originally came to CoRelief for acupuncture. Dr. Snow researched alternative treatments and discovered that acupuncture is not always the best thing for people with MS. He found other options for me and his treatment is a godsend.” 

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The CoRelief Center invites you to simplify your weight loss journey! Join Dr. Donald Snow and his wife Mina to learn about non-surgical weight loss powered by the FDA approved Zerona®Z6 from Greg Mermigas, Clinical Education & Development Coordinator with Erchonia.

-No swelling or bruising

-No downtime to recover

-Results in as little as 2 weeks

                                                                                            CoRelief Center

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