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By combining Eastern medicine with electromagnetic technology, Dr. Snow has created a drug-free, integrated approach to healing.


He combines acupuncture with electromagnetic therapy to eliminate pain and neuropathy (feelings of numbness or weakness that often accompany pain). Dr. Snow’s personalized protocol can be especially effective for injuries, chronic pain, and conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Using traditional and modern applications together significantly speed healing. Patients who receive only acupuncture usually complete treatment in about 60 sessions. When Dr. Snow creates a personalized combination of acupuncture and electromagnetic treatments, the treatment process typically takes just 10 to 20 visits.


The CoRelief Center is so confident in Dr. Snow’s approach that we make every patient a promise.


If you don’t experience at least 50 percent relief on your first visit, you and your health insurance don’t pay anything. If we cannot achieve these results immediately, we won’t be able to help your body to heal. If you do experience a 50 percent reduction in pain, it tells us that you will respond well to further treatment.

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